Tablet Dispenser Wholesale

Daily, weekly, monthly, different sizes, shapes and colors of tablet dispensers meet your needs.

Power-box-like floating tablet dispenser FS-5750

floating tablet dispenser The advantages of this floating tablet dispenser over than other items are:
Pills on it can be extracted after rolling the plastic cover.
Easy to use with glossy appearance.

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The 30 Day Tablet Dispenser

pill dispenser According to statistics of year 2007, more than 50 million individuals in the United States take three or more medicines daily. Due to such alarming figures, it becomes essential that everyone who is on medication has a proper way to organize all the pills and their dose. To make things easier for people manufacturers came up with a pill organizer by the name of Tablet Dispenser – a tool to organize daily dosage of pills. Among these dispensers a thirty-day tablet dispenser is highly recommended because it organizes your medication for an entire month.

Here are some interesting facts on prescription drugs
The percentage of all Americans using prescription drugs due to different reasons and is given below:

  • 43% for Intense Asthma
  • 30% – 50% for Epilepsy 
  • 25%-75% for Mental conditions
  • 43%-78% for Clinical Trials
  • 51% for Blood Pressure (High)
  • 40% – 50% for Diabetes 
  • Pill Dispenser for Your Medications

For anyone, whether in the US of A or somewhere else in the world, health is the major cause of concern because it affects almost everything you do on a daily basis. No matter how careful we become, we might get an ailment that would require medication on a long term basis, for instance diabetics need to take special care of their daily dosages of medicines. Pills, if taken in the wrong amount can cause your ailment to get worse instead of getting better. Therefore, an organizer such as a tablet dispenser becomes an essential tool, which ensures that you are taking the right medicine at the right time and in the right quantity. A dispenser that organizes your monthly medication can protect you from the harmful consequences of over dosage or under dosage of medicine.
Organize your medication plan with the 30 day tablet organizer.

Tablet Dispenser
The amazing 30 day tablet dispenser will organize your monthly supply of tablets into different compartments. Each compartment is labeled for each day. Furthermore, you can purchase it where each compartment has sub compartments in case you take more than one pill per day. A pill dispenser will not only prevent you from taking wrong medication, but will also save your time that would have otherwise been spent on finding the right medicine every time. In case of older people, your 30 day tablet dispenser caters to forgetfulness these dispensers have alarms. Therefore, keeping in mind your daily pill requirements, you can easily purchase a 30 day pill dispenser from a nearby drug store and save yourselves from the dangerous consequences of taking wrong dosage of medicine.

Different Types of Pill Dispensers

Pill Dispensers A pill dispenser is a very helpful tool for those who take medication for a long period of time. Whether it is supplements or prescription pills you take, it can help you organize your daily dosage in a safe way.

Different types of dispensers are available at drug stores allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs. These types are usually classified on the basis of different sizes and shapes, alarms and locks. Hence, your requirements will help you choose the right type of pill dispenser. The guide below describes different options available in the market.They are available at different prices range, such as you can get a 1-dose dispenser for $1 and an extremely useful monthly dispenser with alarm and a lock for $70.

Tablet Boxes and Mini Tablet Holders: Tablet boxes or mini tablet holders are pocket-sized boxes that can be easily carried around everywhere. They come with a chain and therefore, can be attached to a keychain. You can find these in varying shapes and with different number of compartments. Thus, mini tablet holders arfe a good option if you plan to spend a few hours outdoors.

7 day pill box:As the name suggests, a seven-day pill box organizer has seven compartments and thus, can organize your medication for a week. These tablet dispensers are preferred by those who take regular medication or supplements. You can find a wide array of options for these organizers, such as those with different sections for every day. You can choose the number of compartments for each day based on your daily dosage. These dispensers will cost you approximately $2, but if you also wish to buy childproof locks, the cost will be around $12.
7 day pill box
Removable Tray Organizers: Dispensers that have removable trays are helpful if you are on regular medication and plan to spend a day outdoor. Like a weekly organizer, an organizer that has removable trays has different compartments for each day, but the difference is that the compartment for each day is removable. Hence, you can take the compartment for the day with you when you plan to spend an entire day outside. This kind of organizer is slightly expensive and costs around $7.

Alarm Medication Dispenser: Tablet dispensers that have alarms are usually made for those with a weak memory especially for senior citizens. These are convenient pocket-sized tablet boxes that beep or vibrate whenever your time of medication arrives. Since these are pocket-sized, they can be carried around easily and will make sure you do not miss a dosage of your medication. Each alarm can be set for four different times of the day.
Monthly Pill Dispensers
Monthly Pill Dispensers: This is the largest pill box dispenser available in the market. It has separate sections for every single day of a month. The pill boxes for each day are removable and labeled. However, due to their size, these dispensers are a little difficult to carry around.

Tips for Buying an Automatic Tablet Dispenser

Automatic Tablet Dispenser An automatic tablet dispenser is a useful device if you have a weak memory. These dispensers not only organize your daily dosage of medicine, but also remind you of what quantity of medicine to take and at what time. Thus, such tablet dispensers are live savers in the sense that they prevent you from the harmful consequences of taking wrong medication.

If you are on permanent medication and need to take pills every day, it is preferable that you opt for an automatic dispenser that has the maximum capacity. The dispenser with the largest capacity can store and dispense up to 28 different medicines at 28 different times in a day. Moreover, the in-built alarm of the automatic dispenser will ring for three to five minutes, after which the pill box will be automatically closed. This feature will make sure that your medicines stay out of reach of children.

For elderly people, automatic tablet dispenser also has a light attached to it along with an alarm that blinks when it is time to take the medicine.  Thus, if your old parents or grandparents have hearing problems, their medicine won’t be missed out. Tablet DispenserSince automatic dispensers that store a month’s medication are quite large, they can get a little bulky and cannot be carried around easily. To make your tablet dispenser portable, buy an automatic dispenser that stores only a day’s dosage rather than a month’s. You can carry around the dispenser in your pocket and the vibration system on it will remind you of your medication timings. An important tip to remember is to always check if the tablet dispenser is approved by FDA and the manufacturing company is a certified one; or else you might end up with further health problems.